eseiw 2013

Effects of the US Government Shutdown

We recognize that many of our foreign visitors may be concerned about how your experience in the US during ESEIWeek will be affected because of the government shutdown. We can assure you that, overall, there will be very little if any disruption to your plans.

Travel is unlikely to be affected. All airports are open as normal and the usual airport security checks are all operational. If you are relying on other forms of mass transportation during your visit, rest assured that these will be unaffected as well. All trains are operating as usual and, if you make a trip to Washington, the DC metro system is running normally as well.

The ESEIWeek social events are all unaffected. During your stay in Baltimore, you will find that since none of the tourist activities and museums around the Inner Harbor are federally run, you will still be able to enjoy almost all of the attractions.

If you were planning on venturing further afield for a day trip, however, you will find that many attractions surrounding Baltimore are unfortunately closed. This includes historic Fort McHenry in Baltimore itself, all other national parks (such as Shenandoah in Virginia), and of course all of the federally-operated attractions in Washington DC (including tours of any government facilities, the monuments, and the Smithsonian museums).