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Cub Hill
Research Projects
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Soil and Water Temperature

- To measure soil temperature and moisture
- To derive semi-empirical models of soil temperature
- To measure stream temperature
- To derive semi-empirical models of stream temperature


-Quantify surface-atmosphere exchange of CO2 for a suburban area
- Document long-term urban energy balance (UEB)


- To construct frequency distributions of pathogens/indicators to describe any contamination and facilitate risk assessment
- To quantify baseflow and bacterial loads to receiving waters
- To perform source identification work to ascertain where pathogen loads are originating (rooftops, gutters, stromdrains, etc.)
- To do stormwater runoff sampling to describe wash coefficients, runoff dynamics and stream dieoff rates

Stream Morphology and Function

- To develop longitudinal trends of width and depth of stream channels
- To put in two stream gauges
- To verify lidar data by running a longitudinal profile