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Baltimore City and County Bicycling Map

This bike map provides both recreational and commuter cyclists a unique view of cycling routes in Baltimore County and Baltimore City. The detailed, color-coded routes offer cyclists a preview of slopes that will be encountered, and will enable cyclist to quickly plan routes based on length and difficulty. Routes have been selected in consultation with a wide variety of cyclists familiar with the Baltimore region.

Slope classification was calculated from USGS 7.5' topographic maps. Four slope categories were derived from slope analysis of the routes. Sample routes were then tested by members of a local cycling club to determine if the perception of slope would fit with the classification categories.

While there has been an effort to select scenic and interesting routes where possible, this does not imply any particular degree ofsafety associated with these routes. Cyclists are encouraged to assess the relative physical conditions of the roads. Furthermore, traffic volume and speed can vary greatly with time of day and day of the week. Therefore, these factors must be evaluated by each cyclist when determining route safety.

Map design and production was undertaken by the Spring 2001 Advanced Cartographic Design class in the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Only through the skills and perseverance of the following students was this project possible. Eric W. Barger, Katherine E. Boardman, Melissa A. Bragg, David P. Coronado, Renee' J. Gans, Jeffrey R. Martus, Erin E. McNeally, and James R. Miller. These students worked under the direction of their instructor, Thomas D. Rabenhorst, teaming up to produce a truly unique contribution for cycling in the Baltimore region. Clearly, the students have demonstrated their ability to produce high-caliber cartographic work.

A special thanks is extended to the Baltimore Community Foundation. Their generous financial support enabled an intern to complete the project, and made possible the printing of the map. Without such vital backing, this creative work would not be available to the Baltimore community.

Renee' Gans devoted much of her summer, as the cartographic intern, in bringing together all of the student map sections. Each of us, but especially her classmates, owe her a great debt of gratitude for her tireless energy used to fashion and polish this beautiful map.

Finally, much appreciation must be extended to Margie Roswell for the many hours of personal time she has given in the guidance and oversight of this project. Margie has acted as a facilitator for the many external contacts that have contributed immeasurably to editing and reviewing this map. Your feedback ( is welcomed. With your suggestions, an even better map may be created in the future.