House Tour

Student Understandings:

Prior to the Revolutionary War, the Northampton Furnace provided pig iron to England through the Ridgely's shipping business. With the outbreak of war and the ending of trade between Britain and the colonies, business slowed down. However, the need for slaves continued because the Northampton Furnace supplied ammunition and other iron items to the Patriots. Through this tour, students will see first-hand the wealth and status of the Ridgely family. Students will be led through the house by a ranger from Hampton National Historic Site.

Students will be able to see first hand the wealth and stature that the Ridgely family had because of their business. Students will be lead through the house by one of the rangers from the Hampton National Historic Site. The ranger will explain what the students are seeing in each room and who lived there.

Materials/Teacher Prep:

  • Field Trip Flip Books – prepared by students before the trip
  • Rules for the house - No running, yelling, touching of objects. Students must stay with the ranger at all times.


  1. Spend a few minutes reminding students of the focus question: “What impact did the American Revolution have on the lives of people at Hampton?”
  2. Students will be led on a tour through the house by a ranger. Students will be given an opportunity to ask questions throughout the tour.
  • Acknowlegements and Credits
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  • Planning a Field Trip to Hampton
This project was developed through a Teaching American History Grant partnership between Baltimore County Public Schools and the Center for History Education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), with assistance from Hampton National Historic Site, National Park Service.
Contact Hampton National Historic Site at 410-823-1309 ex. 207 to arrange for class visits. |