We are UMBC's student branch of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology.
Our graduate and undergraduate student members share technical interests rooted in electrical and computer sciences, engineering and related disciplines.
At our meetings and events we will present and promote current research trends at UMBC and elsewhere, host skills workshops, and provide our members the opportunity to expand their network of contacts.
Email us at ieee-student-org@umbc.edu or one of the board members below

Exectuive Board

Position Specializations Name Major Contact
Branch Chair Webmaster Tamoor Hamid Computer Engineering tamoorh1@umbc.edu
Vice President Joshua Slaughter Computer Engineering jslaught@umbc.edu
Head Treasurer Craig Stone Computer Engineering craigwstone@ieee.org
Head Secretary Christopher Slaughter Computer Engineering cslaugh1@umbc.edu
Lab Director Xavier Smith Computer Engineering xsmith1@umbc.edu
Lab Manager Andrew Samuels Computer Engineering andrew63@umbc.edu
Lab Manager Colby Wishoff Computer Engineering colbyw1@umbc.edu
Lab Manager Robin Paranilam rparani1@umbc.edu
Lab Manager Avinash Singh Computer Engineering avinash3@umbc.edu
Lab Manager Melisa Jangbahadur Computer Engineering melisaj1@umbc.edu
Lab Manager Olivia Fowler ofowl1@umbc.edu
Assistant Secretary Tali Levin Computer Science tlevin1@umbc.edu
Assistant Secretary Ezekiel Ajayi Computer Engineering eajayi1@umbc.edu
Assistant Secretary Vivan Zheng vzheng1@umbc.edu
Assistant Secretary Emma Hunter Computer Engineering we32139@umbc.edu
To view past Executive Boards click here.