Employment Issues
Flexible work schedules / telecommuting

UMBC Telework Policy and Agreement How is this policy being implemented? Can we encourage HR to remind employers on campus about this policy? Each USM Agency is mandated to develop a teleworking program for at least 10% of its eligible employees.

Salary equity

Mary Hess is contacting Marilyn Demorest to see if we can put a link to her report/presentation on faculty salary equity on the Commission website. Marilyn Demorest also offered to speak to the Commission again at some point in the future. The Commission needs to support in whatever way possible the ongoing work by different groups on campus, most notably the Professional Staff Senate, to get a salary study done for the entire campus. Salaries of nonexempt employees are mandated by the State.

Family-friendly policies

Disseminate family medical leave information

USM Policy on Family and Medical Leave for Exempt and Nonexempt Staff Employees

Standardize family medical leave practices

Is this policy being utilized fairly across campus?

Continue providing health benefits for retirees with dependents

July 2007 Health Book (page 7-8). A “blue ribbon” commission is being formed by the State to look at this matter.

Hiring freeze disproportionately affects women

There is a committee dealing with the hiring freeze composed of Valerie Thomas, Lynn Schaefer, and Art Johnson. Perhaps this subcommittee could draft a proposal to hire someone as a Contingent I to work with multiple offices and alleviate some of the workload.

Difficult to change name (new username / email address)

OIT Policy: Requests for changes to user accounts because of name changes due to marriage, divorce, etc., must be via E-mail ( helpdesk@umbc.edu ) or memo (faxed to x5-1477) from a member of department management - these changes will be made no later than 5 business days from receipt of the request.
Is this really so easy?

Compensation for longevity

Mary Hess contacted Lynn Schaefer who was not aware of any longevity bonus programs, but recommended that Mary email Valerie Thomas. Mary is waiting to hear back from Valerie.

Promotion from within / career ladder / job reclassification

Patrick Merryman spoke with Dave Jordan about some of these issues. According to Dave Jordan, there is a practice of filling open or new positions from within. We would like to see a policy created to make this an official practice campus wide. Patrick is going to contact Terri Werner to learn about any programs in place to help women move up the career ladder, such as SkillSoft, etc. Some of this information is available at www.umbc.edu/training . As for reclassification, if an employee believes that s/he is working at a higher level, s/he can request HR to do a job study. But, if HR agrees that the employee should be reclassified, where does the money come from? Can PMP's be used to support reclassification/promotion?

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