Women’s Leadership Summit:

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Keynote Speaker


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Julie Lenzer Kirk, President & CEO Path Forward International

Author The ParentPreneur Edge


Every day, we give away our personal, professional, and political power to events and people who don't deserve it. We feel helpless as the world spins seemingly out of control around us. What is this doing to our ability to be successful? In this lively and impactful presentation, we explore the many ways we give away our power and provide tools and techniques for reclaiming that which is truly ours, giving us the ability to regain control of our lives and our future.


The objectives of this session are to:

· Provide a context for us to look at the ways in which we constantly give away our power and how that hampers our ability to achieve what we want;

· Allow attendees to experience the liberation of empowerment and how that can translate into personal and professional success;

· Explore how personal empowerment can lead to an expansion of vision, not only for the individual but for the entire world.


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