Professional Development
Career advancement for obtaining degree
    • Determine effectiveness, access, ensure continuation of, participation in by sharing information about:
    • Support needed from administration and department
      • Make courses more available (more offerings, evenings, online) and help administration, departments allow staff to take courses
        • Are assumptions correct (staff and administration?)
        • Offer flexible schedules/flex time
          • Make available information on flex time
            • (inequality across campus)
        • Job sharing
          • Encourage sharing of duties as possible solution for office coverage

Staff development

    • Continue good practices
      • HR Training and Development Office as key center/contact
      • Identify good practices across campus (Student Affairs, Library, OIT)
      • List and make available to all departments
    • Have Leadership, administration understand how this is good
        • Encourage/require professional development plan for each staff member (part of PMP)
        • UMCP has a model for this?
        • Supervisors must be trained (planned)
        • Accountability system for the requirement
    • Pool resources for campus-wide workshops on career skills, career planning, negotiating, etc. (Women's Center, Career Services)
        • Collaborative effort between several departments, centers with HR T/D in the lead


  • PCOW should not be responsible for creating a pool of mentors, we can provide information sessions about mentoring opportunities on campus, what would be our goals? What other groups are doing/planning this?
  • Determine how mentoring (in these areas) is being addressed currently on campus
    • Academics: encourage women to pursue graduate studies
      • What kind of advising available to prepare for graduate school, law school?
    • Career: advising for staff available at the Career Center (confirm)
  • Build sense of community among women at UMBC
    • Women's Center should take lead
      • Collaboration between women's groups on campus (Gender and Women's Studies Department, ADVANCE, etc)
      • Information: Create, foster supportive networks of women on campus
        • PeopleSoft had peer mentor model
        • New Staff Orientation (planned)
          • Where are the resources women need?
            • Community list, everything a person needs, financial services e.g.
            • Mentorship pool for new staff
      • Foci: Move women further up the career ladder / support women in non-traditional careers
    • Improve teaching skills for faculty and staff
      • Faculty Development Center should take the lead
      • Currently exists new faculty orientation, also done by Dept. chairs across campus
      • Merit increases, tenure…could this be tied to teaching quality?

Leadership development

    • Share information about opportunities (e.g. Skillsoft has project development training
    • Continue Leadership Summit
    • Encourage, perhaps through advertising, staff presence, attendance at numerous lectures and workshops available on campus
    • Dr. Hrabowski encourages this through words (to always better yourself) how to make that real for women at UMBC?

Work-life balance

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