Resources for Women at UMBC
Extension of Women's Center services
    • Operate as a resource center
    • Increase availability of lactation facilities
    • Maintain website
    • Facilitate collaboration among women's groups

Bria McElroy will contact Mikhel Kushner to share the suggestions and see how we can work together to get some of these accomplished.

Daycare (Tel. 410-455-6830)

    • Make available for children under 2 (currently for 2-5 year olds)
    • Offer discount for UMBC community
    • Expand hours of operation

Mary spoke with Susanna Twigg. The daycare center is a YMCA satellite. She was open to providing daycare for children under 2, but said that the problem is resources (space and staff, which both require money). Infant care costs more than they can charge, but she is concerned about the lack of infant care in Maryland . There is a discount for the UMBC community. It's about $60 cheaper than its sister facility, which charges $650 per month. Susanna was also open to extending hours of operation, but again it would require more staff. She was very cooperative and encouraging. She also said she recently submitted a report to Leland Beitel. Mary will see if we can get a copy of that report.

Lunch rooms

We do not believe this is a women's issue. Space on campus is at a high premium and no departments are willing to donate space. Women are always welcome to eat in the Women's Center.

Community-building activities

Bria will see what kinds of activities are already being provided by the Women's Center and talk with Mikhel Kushner about ways we could contribute.

Eating disorders / abuse (include information in orientation materials)

Is this an issue for the Commission? Students should be encouraged to seek help from health services and the counseling office.

Feminine hygiene products in restrooms

Barry Riley in Facilities Management. Barry said that the initial investment would be $300 - $500 per dispenser and would require ongoing maintenance (refilling dispenser, collection of money, etc.) and that it would be an auditing nightmare. The policy on campus has been to avoid putting extra things in restrooms because of maintenance. Mary Hess suggested that the UMBC card might be used instead of money to which Barry replied that electronic dispensers would cost thousands and would still present the problems of maintenance, restocking, accounting, and auditing. Femine hygiene products are available in the Women's Center and OTC store in Commons.

Support for women in STEM

Bria will think more about this matter. Many organizations, initiatives at UMBC that deal with specific groups of women in STEM fields:

ADVANCE Goal: To make profound changes in policies and practices that affect the recruitment, selection, promotion, and transition of women faculty in the STEM fields to leadership positions at UMBC
CWIT Center for Women and Information Technology Projects include projects already under way are the CWIT Scholars Program, the Speakers Series, CWIT's Music Video, Computer Mania Day, and the CWIT web site
Women in Science and Engineering Student Group at UMBC
Society ofWomen Engineers Student Group at UMBC

Parking for pregnant women

Mary contacted Parking Services. They said that women can submit a note from their doctor (as is the case with any temporary medical condition) to receive up to 6 weeks of handicapped parking.

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