Safety on Campus


•  The UMBC police check the blue lights and phones once a month.

•  There are 31 of them all around campus. A map of their locations can be found on the UMBC Police website under "Campus Map."

•  The police monitor lighting around campus, meaning parking lots & walkways, as does the physical plant staff. Physical plant (Facilities Management) is responsible for changing them when the need arises.

Self-defense training

•  Not yet found regularly offered self-defense training on campus various offerings occur via various efforts. (Voices Against Violence through UHS, Aikdo and Tai Kwan Do clubs at the RAC might offer, there is a PE Winter Course)

•  Lee Calizo & Angie Grodack did one self-defense training as a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month last year. Lee interested in offering more.

•  Elements of self-defense offered in some Aerobics courses.

•  Student groups have offered some.

•  Women's Center supports various efforts and provides space but does not currently offer that training as a program from the Women's center.

•  (UHS offers personal safety workshops)



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