List of Dissertations

Patrick Sykes,
Nonlinear Interaction between a Frequency Signal and Neighboring Data Channels in a Commercial Optical Fiber Communication System
Master of Science, November 2018.

Rushin Contractor,
Application of the rigorous coupled-wave algorithm to impedance-matched metal-dielectric metamaterials with moth-eye surfaces
Master of Science, June 2018.

Shaokang (Jerry) Wang,
Analysis of Stability and Noise in Passively Modelocked Comb Lasers
Doctor of Philosophy, June 2018.

Yue Hu,
Modeling Nonlinearity and Noise in High-Current Photodetectors
Doctor of Philosophy, April 2017.

Nelofar Mosavi,
Optical and RF beam propagation in turbulent media
Doctor of Philosophy, February 2017.

Robert J. Weiblen,
Light Propagation Into, Out of, and Through Mid-Infrared Optical Fibers
Doctor of Philosophy, December 2015.

Muhammad Anisuzzaman Talukder,
Analysis of Self-Induced Transparency Modelocking of Quantum Cascade Lasers
Doctor of Philosophy, March 2010.

Zhihang (Jonathan) Hu,
Analysis of chalcogenide-glass photonic crystal fibers
Doctor of Philosophy, 2008.

Venkatakrishnan Veerasubramanian,
Propagation analysis of an 80-Gb/s wavelength-converted signal utilizing cross-phase modulation
Masters of Science, 2008.

Oleg V. Sinkin,
Calculation of Bit Error Rates in Optical Fiber Communications Systems in the Presence of Nonlinear Distortion and Noise
Doctor of Philosophy, 2006.

Anshul Kalra,
Comparative study of receiver models for optical communications systems
Masters of Science, 2006.

Aurenice de Menezes Oliveira Lima,
Advanced Monte Carlo Methods for Computation of Penalties Induced by Polarization Mode Dispersion in Optical Fiber Transmission Systems
Doctor of Philosophy, 2005.

Ivan Lima,
Investigation of the performance degradation due to polarization effects in optical fiber communications systems
Doctor of Philosophy, Dec 2003.

Ronald Holzloehner,
A Covariance Matrix Method for the Computation of Bit Errors in Optical Transmission Systems
Doctor of Philosophy, 2003.

Ruo-Mei Mu,
Comparison of the Chirped Return-to-Zero and Dispersion Managed Soliton Modulation Formats in Wavelength Division Multiplexed Systems
Doctor of Philosophy, August 2001.

Ding Wang,
Polarization effects in dense WDM system
Doctor of Philosophy, May 2000.

Chien-Jen Chen,
Theoretical study of passively modelocked lasers with fast saturable absorbers
Doctor of Philosophy, 1993.

Curtis R. Menyuk,
Non-linear Evolution of an Obliquely Propagating Langmuir Wave
Doctor of Philosophy