A Division with Style

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Prior to the redesign of The Division of Student Affairs website, the idea of branding for all departments within the division began to formulate. At the time, each departmental website had its own visual look which failed to represent the division's overall unity. After deconstructing the current site as well as researching other institutions' sites, it was determined that The Division of Student Affairs at UMBC would benefit from a new, modern brand and design. The plan was to start fresh, with a new strategic brand identity, logo and type treatment, as well as a universal web template that can be easily adapted to multiple website layouts. The logical first step was to apply this new strategy to our home-base, The Division of Student Affairs.

Unifying with Univers

From website content to print media, the typeface selected for the division is Univers LT 55. A fairly neutral typeface, Univers LT 55 is a modern and clean san-serif font that depicts the division as one from the 21st century and illustrates the division's philosphy of growth and moving forward. Univers LT 55 is used for text and copy whereas Univers LT 55 Bold is used for titles and headers at a tracking of -50.


Examples of departmental typeface logos:


The Web Arena

All departmental websites in The Division of Student Affairs will utilize a web template for cohesive layouts. The template is designed to be easily applied and is highly customizable as well as the ability to scale well. The three main elements in the template is as follows: the UMBC header, the body, and the UMBC footer. Though the template is customizable, we strongly recommend designers and developer who are utilizing the template to maintain the integrity of the header and footer, as well as the clean and minimal aesthetics of the template.