Zipcars have arrived!

Zipcar is car sharing, an alternative to having a vehicle on campus. UMBC will have two Zipcars located on Center Road by the start of fall semester, available to students 18+.

Climate Change Task Force Survey Results

You can check out the results of the survey by downloading them here: TAG 2012 Survey Data

UMBC Transit

Bike Racks on Buses

Providing bicycle racks on shuttles is a great incentive and convenient offering for passengers wishing to transport their bicycle while riding the bus. Healthy for you AND healthy for the environment!


Currently one of UMBC Transit’s shuttles is committed to fuel supplied by the UMBC Bio-Diesel student organization.

Parking Services OCSS

Parking Services OCSS

New Carpool Programs

Carpool programs are being implemented for employees and commuter students this fall. Designated carpool parking spaces will be available in Lot 4.

For help finding other students who are interested in carpooling, please visit



Charging Stations for electric cars

Facilities Maintenance installed and maintains two electric vehicle charging stations located in the Stadium Parking Lot just west of the UMBC Transit Office (Warehouse). The charging station is free to all campus visitors and the UMBC campus community. No special arrangement is necessary for their use – just plug in and charge up.

Funding for the charging stations was supplied by the Baltimore Electric Vehicle Initiative (BEVI). BEVI is a partner of the non-profit organization, International Center for Sustainable Development. They work to reduce carbon emissions by implementing smart grid infrastructure for the City of Baltimore and Department of Energy.