About UMBC Together

Our UMBC community is navigating a host of challenges that have shifted our personal and professional lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the UMBC Together working group and this myUMBC group, we will share innovative ways of acknowledging and celebrating our community during a time when people need to feel connected more than ever. We will also develop and share information, resources, and strategies to help members of the UMBC community respond to, withstand, and recover from these traumatic and stressful experiences, and continue to thrive during the physical campus closure.

It is our hope that even during these difficult times of change, uncertainty, unpredictability, and surprise, that our UMBC community may reach together in learning how to cope effectively and learn from this experience.

Focal Areas

Social Connections
Join the conversation on social media by using #UMBCtogether on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and connect with the wider UMBC community through virtual events and activities. A selection of upcoming events can be found here and even more in the myUMBC group.

Read about UMBC community resilience. Submit a story on the form footer or give a shout out in the myUMBC group.

Care & Support Resources
Within the myUMBC group, you’ll find resources, contacts, and services for the community such as safety, emergency and reporting, financial support, food insecurity, and diversity, equity and inclusion education and resources.

Well-Being & Development
Find resources that provide structured development and training opportunities, resources and web-based events that promote self-care, health, and wellness, as well as various community-based support groups.

UMBC Together Site and myUMBC Group

This curated and aggregated website highlights our social media community, resilience news and stories, a selection of campus events and more. The UMBC Together myUMBC group is a place for the community to access resources, engage in discussion posts, learn more and sign up for a broader selection of virtual events.

UMBC Together Work Group

The UMBC Together Workgroup includes a steering committee and members from various campus departments and programs who have served on one or more organizing committees.

How to Stay Connected and Up to Date!

We encourage community members to submit resources, initiatives, and/or programs that are connected to any of our focal areas. We also invite you to provide feedback and any updates to best serve our campus community.

To contact us, use the form in the footer below or email us at together@umbc.edu