Proof of all required immunizations must be submitted to UHS at the beginning of your first semester at UMBC. Proof of immunizations must have a health care provider's signature and be provided in English.

***If you have not submitted the required proof of immunizations, you will not be able to register for classes for future semesters.***

The following immunizations are required for:

  • All UMBC students - Two MMR's (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) after your 1st birthday (unless you were born before 1957)
  • Students living in on-campus housing - Meningitis: Maryland law requires that all students living in on-campus housing have meningitis vaccine within 5 years of entering UMBC or sign a waiver stating that they understand the risks of meningitis and elect not to have the vaccine.
  • International Students - Tuberculosis (TB) test: All international students are required to have a Tuberculosis test (T-spot or Quantiferon) in the United States within 6 months of entering UMBC.


You can download the Mandatory UMBC Health Form and, have your local provider fill out the necessary information, sign it, and fax it to UHS at 410-455-1125.

Incoming Students should also fill out the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire along with the Mandatory UMBC Health Form above.