April, 2010




There have been societal barriers in the past to achieving equal educational and employment opportunities for women; and

WHEREAS, The entire UMBC community as well as the larger community, benefit from an environment that is free of such barriers; and

WHEREAS, UMBC's President has authority to appoint the members of the President's Commission for Women;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Freeman A. Hrabowski, am continuing the Presidentís Commission for Women in order for the Commission to advance the study and consideration of issues that directly or indirectly concern women students, faculty, and staff on the UMBC campus. For the good of the University, women at UMBC must have equal access to the opportunities and benefits available to the University community. The Commission will continue its focus on identifying and addressing the challenges women face. The Commission will specifically address issues of leadership, salary equity, women and technology, and equal access to university resources and opportunities. The Commission will also showcase the achievements of women on campus, and organizations that empower women.