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UMBC professors are dedicated and smart, and as much as they love their work, they love working with UMBC students. The lessons they teach go far beyond the classroom. Their wisdom and advice can challenge and inspire students from every major and background.

  • Jason Schiffman

    Jason Schiffman


    "Happiness lies at the intersection of doing what you like, what you’re good at, and what makes a difference in the world. Get the most out of UMBC, and allow it to help you find that intersection."

  • Tyson King-Meadows

    Tyson King-Meadows

    Political Science/Africana Studies

    "Always remember: the Earth is not flat. At one time in humanity’s history, some believed the Earth was flat. It is only through the joy of discovery, the lesson of failure, and a commitment to critical inquiry that we, humanity, know today that the Earth is round. These individuals challenged the Flat Earthers, stood convention on its head, and ushered in a new paradigm of knowledge. A UMBC student should ask him or herself “What flat earth theory will I challenge today?” We Retrievers must probe deeper and explore wider."

  • Linda Dusman

    Linda Dusman


    "Embrace boredom and confusion. When I am bored, it is an indicator that I am experiencing something superficially—that I am not thinking deeply enough, or specifically enough, about some aspect of the topic. I am not asking myself good enough questions to break through what I already know. When I am confused, it is a state that accompanies facing something that I do not understand. Confusion means I am on the verge of learning something. Being confused requires me to quiet my mind, and focus more intently so that I can make the connections required to learn. So, if you become bored or confused, rejoice! Quiet your mind, and engage more deeply."

  • Anne Spence

    Anne Spence

    Mechanical Engineering

    "Make it a point to get to know one or two of the faculty members in your department by stopping in during their office hours to chat. When it is time to write letters of recommendation, those faculty members will know exactly who you are and will be able to write a letter that goes far beyond the discussion of how you performed in class."

  • Tim Topoleski

    Tim Topoleski

    Mechanical Engineering

    "Your achievements at UMBC depend on making a commitment to your academic success. You need to think hard and carefully about what that commitment will entail."

  • Carolyn Forestiere

    Carolyn Forestiere

    Political Science

    "You can’t be good at everything the first time you try something new but that does not mean you should give up. College work is challenging and you may have to spend some time figuring out how to fight procrastination and study effectively."

  • Kate Drabinski

    Kate Drabinski

    Gender and Women's Studies

    "Never forget that you are at UMBC, an institution dedicated to quality undergraduate teaching. That means you’ll be taught by professors who want you to learn, who want to hear what YOU have to say, and who will encourage you to be curious, critical members of this and all your other communities. Don't be afraid to come talk to us!"

  • Devin Haggerty

    Devin Hagerty

    Global Studies

    "During your time at UMBC, everything you could possibly need for a fulfilling life will be–literally–a short walk away. Never again in your life will this be the case! But you have to be proactive and go get it–whatever "it" is in your case. It won't come looking for you."