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Creative Acts: Site Specific Dance & Music In Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park

Date: rescheduled to Thursday, May 5
Rain Date: TBA
Time: 4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Cost: Free

Location: South side of UMBC campus. See this link for a map to Free parking in the Stadium Lot. For more campus maps and directions, see this LINK.

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Creative Acts: Site Specific Dance & Music in Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park - Act One

Thirty Oaks

Director & Choreographer: Meghan Flanigan
Composer & Musician: Timothy Nohe
Dancers: Kate Brundrett, Ravae Duhaney, Josephine N. Kalema, Emily Kimak, Franki Trout
Musicians: Rose Hammer Burt, Tiffany DeFoe, John Dierker, Will Redman
Sculptural Costumes: Antoinette Suiter

The first part of the presentation will showcase Thirty Oaks, a site-specific work that celebrates the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park with dance, music and visuals. This project will join choreographer Meghan Flanigan, sound artist Timothy Nohe, and visual artist Antoinette Suiter in a multidisciplinary collaboration involving UMBC dance students and Baltimore musicians. The piece reflects on the juxtaposition of the natural and built environment, seeking inspiration equally from both the beauty of the trees and their rigid linear planting. The work sets a dialogue between the human instinct to preserve and enjoy nature while also transforming and polluting it. The audience will be invited to inhabit the park with the performers, enjoying the setting as well as the performance, and will be given the opportunity to contribute to the collective journal kept at the park.

This portion of the event is supported by the TKF Foundation.

Creative Acts: Site Specific Dance & Music in Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park - Act Two

Songs from a Public Diary

Composers: Shane Parks and Charles Miller
Vocalist: Madeline Waters
Keyboard: Charles Miller

Song 1: Dear Lover
Song 2: I Wish he Could See
Song 3: A Day in the Journal

(additional songs to be announced)

The second part of the presentation includes musical settings of texts taken from the public journal in the park. For years students, faculty, staff, and visitors have written in the journal at the site. Their entries range from letters of appreciation for the beautiful space and its peaceful atmosphere to college trials and tribulations. Often students write about stressful semesters or especially joyful relationships. Anyone passing the park can read the ever-changing book and add to it themselves.