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Imaging and Digital Arts at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Michael FARLEY
Charlotte KENISTON
Dominique ZELTZMAN

Opening Reception Thursday April 3, 2014. 5 - 7pm.
5:15pm "Fred Worden Cuts A Couch In Half With A Chainsaw" (Performance by Lexie Mountain)

The Center for Arts, Design, and Visual Culture is proud to host the annual MFA Thesis Exhibition for Imaging and Digital Arts at UMBC from April 3 - 25, 2014.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm


Artist and critic Michael Anthony Farley's GOTH BRUNCH, a site-specific series of events and in-progress, changing installation elements, re-conceived Gallery CA as a hybrid studio, performance venue, and site for the production of documentation. Informed by (but not necessarily about) the logic of social media, GOTH BRUNCH is a semi-autobiographical exploration of constructed identity as represented through design objects, curation, and performance.

Charlotte Keniston's A Full Plate is the culmination of 18 workshops throughout Baltimore City in which participants painted ceramic dinner plates and discussed their food histories and their roles in the food system. The 300+ plates will be installed in the CADVC and all of the workshop participants will be invited back to view the project and share a meal together.

With Death or Higher Resolution, Lexie Mountain uses markers of performance such as prints, mass-produced custom canvases, anonymous digital paintings and video documentation to explore art history's objectification of the female form and the ways in which meaning is replicated through ideas of "realism" and digital technology.

2014 MFA Candidate Shana Palmer presents an interactive environment that summons the essence of the uncanny. A door that seems to open on it's own plays videos within it's frame, a convex lens displays her Moving Mountains animation and viewers watch another video projected into a sink basin. Her installation and videos blur the boundaries of dichotomies like natural/artificial while she weaves together autobiographical and fictional narratives into a tapestry of performance, photography, video, and installation.

Carrie Ann Rennolds is a visual artist who focuses primarily on problems and failures in modern society. SOMETIMES I WANT TO SHAKE THE BRANCHES OF MY FAMILY TREE AND SEE WHAT FALLS OUT (2014) is an installation piece focusing on the personal archive and its mercurial capacity.

Dominique Zeltzman is a performance and video installation artist. After a fifteen year dance and performance career in San Francisco, she is now finishing her MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Radical Home (2014) is her study of the container as a societal construct. In the four-walled installation, life size female figures creep, crawl, and drag themselves across backdrops of banal domestic scenes and abstractions of New York Times photographs.