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September 2008 Archives

September 2, 2008

Palin Pickle

tschaller_lg.jpg Political Science Professor Tom Schaller

Surprise, surprise, The New York Times reports the GOP is just now starting to vet Palin.

The Palin pick is far more revealing of the rushed, cavalier judgment of John McCain than it is of the Alaska governor or her family. It is no coincidence that the same senator who voted to rush into a war in Iraq rushed his pick for vice president. So far, Obama is handling this smartly.


Maryland Pols Take Backseat During National Conventions

donnorris.JPGPublic Policy Chair Don Norris

In 2004, both then-Gov. Ehrlich and aspiring-Gov. O'Malley had major speaking rolls at their party's national nominating conventions. Not so four years later. See David Nitkin on O'Malley's tarnished star power and John Wagner on Ehrlich sitting out the GOP convention.


September 3, 2008

'Spore' Video Game Creative, Challenging Sandbox

marcolano.JPGGAIM Program Director Marc Olano

The new video game 'Spore' looks to be a hit because it is so different from other games out there. Will Wright has a reputation for creating sandbox games where the players are given the freedom to do whatever they want. The trick is to still preserve the sense of challenge of more scripted games. If you gave someone dice, would they invent craps or Yahtzee? Most wouldn't. The cool thing about Spore is that it isn't just one or two, but several distinct and unique games that, at least so far, look to be fun.


September 9, 2008

Homeownership: America's Sacred Cow

john-rennie-short-at-podium.jpgSo the feds had to step in to save Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was probably the right thing to do. But at the heart of the housing crisis is the encouragement of owner occupation as the nation's sole housing policy.

Owner occupation is not all that great. It is dependent on an always growing economy, an always expanding middle class and fixed equation of limited supply and rising demand.


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September 22, 2008

Baltimore's String of Pearls


In the wake of the recent fire at Edmondson Village, Baltimore's "original Harborplace," people who have lived in the region for years are surprised by the hidden treasures of the nearby Gwynns Falls Trail. A walking history lesson of the city's neighborhoods and social fabric can be found in my new book, The Gwynns Falls: Baltimore Greenway to the Chesapeake Bay.