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November 2011 Archives

Chris Justice at CCBC's Composition Conversation Conference

Chris Justice, Cohort 13, presented on October 21st at CCBC's 7th annual Composition Conversation Conference. The conference theme was "Contentious Issues in Composition", and his presentation was titled “Petting the King: A Critical Meditation on the Pitfalls of Academic Discourse".

Sonya Caesar on PBS Nightly Business Report

Sonya Caesar was interviewed for the PBS Nightly Business Report on Tuesday evening in their segment on student loans and the Obama Administration's new initiative to help manage student debt. UMBC joins CCBC in congratulating Sonya on her important financial literacy work and successful media representation of it!

Here is the link:’13-ph-d-language-literacy-and-culture-on-pbs-nightly-business-report/

Prof. Saper at Martha B. Reynolds Speakers Series, Univ. of Kentucky

Prof. Saper presented his research on the future of reading and literacy in the Martha B. Reynolds Speakers Series at the University of Kentucky. He presented "WRD UP 2.0: Teaching \R\E\A\D/I/N/G/" on November 11th as part of the series sponsored by the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & Digital Media. His presentation proposes a type of course sequence which addresses the poetics of reading as a practice. We will need to learn different types of reading practices the way we have learned types of rhetorical appeals in writing, genres in poetics, or medium-specific practices in the arts.

Yonghun Lee - Associate Professor at the DLI

Alum, Yonghun Lee PhD, was recently promoted to the position of Associate Professor at the Defense Language Institute, Asian School II, in Monterey, California. Congratulations!