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PhD Proposal Defense - Tao Peng

Tao successfully defended his PhD Proposal on February 14, 2011.

Simulation of Multi-photon Qubit for Quantum Computing

Quantum computer has drawn a lot of attention over decades due to its huge potential and the recent progress is encouraging. One of the critical issues of quantum computing is the requirement of entangled states with a large number of particles. Although the study of entangled states greatly advanced our understanding about the physics of multi-particle superposition, we are still facing difficulties producing entangled states with more than three particles. Comparing with entangled states, it is not that difficult to achieve a superposition among a large number of multi-photon amplitudes for chaotic-thermal light.

A set of experiments have been successfully done to simulate Bell-state with two independent thermal radiations. Moreover, I propose a serial of further works to simulate entangled three-photon, generate N-digit qubits as well as multi-photon interferometry of chaotic-thermal light. This can be used for computation purpose, such as factorize a large number.