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#include "ocsOptSignal.hh"


void AddSignals (OptSignal *Signal1, OptSignal *Signal2, OptSignal *Signal3)


ofstream * LogFile

Function Documentation

void AddSignals ( OptSignal Signal1,
OptSignal Signal2,
OptSignal Signal3 

Adds data as well as adding BitStrings using method OptSignal::AddBitStrings()

This method assumes that OptSignal::OptSignal(OptSignal & Signal1,OptSignal & Signal2, RanNumGen *RNG3) has been previously called

References AddBitStrings(), OptSignal::DebugLevel, fftMatrices::fOptSignalX, fftMatrices::fOptSignalY, OptSignal::NumChannels, OptSignal::oBitString, OptSignal::qtPoints, OptSignal::sfftM, fftMatrices::tOptSignalX, fftMatrices::tOptSignalY, and BitString::WriteBitString().

Variable Documentation

ofstream* LogFile