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Joel Tyson

Researcher of the Week:
Joel Tyson

Meet Joel,
He is a Biochemical Engineering major and student researcher for Johns Hopkins University's Institute for Nanobiotechnology summer internship. He worked in the Neurodegeneration lab of Dr. Ted Dawson in the Hopkins Medical School's Institute of Cell Engineering. His research used a novel approach to measuring the endocytosis of pathological α-synuclien- a process known as a cause of Parkinson's Disease. These measurements allowed the mapping of the functional domains in a receptor thought to be central to Parkinson's pathology.

Last summer he participated in several research labs as part of the Mid-Atlantic Summer Nanotechnology Internship Program. He contributed to projects using nanoparticles, nanoelectrodes, and self-assembled monolayers in biological applications.

Joel is in the Honor's College and participates in D.I.Y. research in synthetic biology at the Baltimore Underground Science Space year-round. In his spare time, he composes music.

His future plans are to gain experience in tissue engineering and pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on neurology.

Read more about Joel here...

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