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OptSpectrumAnalyzer Class Reference

#include <ocsOptSpectrumAnalyzer.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 OptSpectrumAnalyzer (string InFileName, string Job2, int AppendFlag2, OptSignal *oOptSignal2)
 OptSpectrumAnalyzer (OptSignal *oOptSignal2, double ResolutionBandwidthHz2, int ModeOSA2, double SuperGaussExponent2)
 OptSpectrumAnalyzer (OptSignal *oOptSignal2, double ResolutionBandwidthHz2, int ModeOSA2, double SuperGaussExponent2, int TypeAmplifierNoise2)
 ~OptSpectrumAnalyzer ()
void AllocateMemory (void)
void Update (double PropagatedLength2)
void Output (int NumExpts)
double GetPeakPowerdBm (int ChannelArrayIndex, int ExptNum)
double GetValleyPowerdBm (int ChannelArrayIndex, int ExptNum)
void Clear ()
void UpdateSNR_OSA (double PropagatedLength2)
double ComputeAveragePowerFreqWindow (double LeftFreq, double RightFreq)
void OutputSignalNoiseAverages (int NumExpts)
void OutputSNR_OSA (int NumExpts)
void OutputSNR_OSA (int NumExpts, string Str)
void WriteFileOutputOSA (string OutFileName, int ExptNum)
void UpdateOSA (double PropagatedLength2)
void UpdateOSA_OLD (double PropagatedLength2)
void ComputeAveragePowerFreqWindowOSA (double LeftFreq, double RightFreq, double *Average_Watts)
double ComputeMaxPowerLinFreqWindowOSA (double LeftFreq, double RightFreq)
double GetNoiseEquivalentBandwidth (void)
void OutputOSA (int ExptNum)
void OutputOSA (int ExptNum, string Str)
double GetSNR_OSA (int ChannelArrayIndex)
double GetSNRdB_OSA (int ChannelArrayIndex)
double GetSignalOSA (int ChannelArrayIndex)
double GetNoiseOSA (int ChannelArrayIndex)
double GetNoiseSpectralDensityOSA (int ChannelArrayIndex)
double GetSpectralNoiseDensityOSA (int ChannelArrayIndex)
double GetResolutionBandwidthHz (void)
void SwitchOptSignalData (OptSignal *oOptSignal2)
void RunPowerMeter (double PropagatedLength2)
void ClearPowerMeter (void)
void OutputPowerMeter (void)
double AmpPowerMeterInputLinear (void)
double PowerMeterComputeAverageSignalPowerLin (void)
void SetJob (string Job2)
void SetResolutionBandwidthHz (double ResolutionBandwidthHz2)
void SetSuperGaussExponent (double SuperGaussExponent2)
void SetModeOSA (int ModeOSA2)
void SetTypeAmplifierNoise (int TypeAmplifierNoise2)
void SetPowerMeterFlag (int PowerMeterFlag2)
int GetNumChanns (void)
double GetOSAOutputLinear (int ExptNum, double RelFreq)

Private Attributes

int ModeOSA
int TypeAmplifierNoise
int PowerMeterFlag
string Job
double PropagatedLength
double AppendFlag
double ResolutionBandwidthHz
double * SignalPeakLin
double * NoiseAverageLin
int NumChannels
int qtPoints
double DeltaFreq
double SuperGaussExponent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OptSpectrumAnalyzer ( string  InFileName,
string  Job2,
int  AppendFlag2,
OptSignal oOptSignal2 
OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OptSpectrumAnalyzer ( OptSignal oOptSignal2,
double  ResolutionBandwidthHz2,
int  ModeOSA2,
double  SuperGaussExponent2 
OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OptSpectrumAnalyzer ( OptSignal oOptSignal2,
double  ResolutionBandwidthHz2,
int  ModeOSA2,
double  SuperGaussExponent2,
int  TypeAmplifierNoise2 
OptSpectrumAnalyzer::~OptSpectrumAnalyzer (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::AllocateMemory ( void   ) 
double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::AmpPowerMeterInputLinear ( void   ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::Clear (  ) 

References fOSA, qtPoints, and tOSA.

Referenced by UpdateOSA(), and UpdateOSA_OLD().

void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::ClearPowerMeter ( void   ) 

References fOSA, qtPoints, and tOSA.

Referenced by AmpPowerMeterInputLinear(), and RunPowerMeter().

double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::ComputeAveragePowerFreqWindow ( double  LeftFreq,
double  RightFreq 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::ComputeAveragePowerFreqWindowOSA ( double  LeftFreq,
double  RightFreq,
double *  Average_Watts 
double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::ComputeMaxPowerLinFreqWindowOSA ( double  LeftFreq,
double  RightFreq 
double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetNoiseEquivalentBandwidth ( void   ) 
double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetNoiseOSA ( int  ChannelArrayIndex  )  [inline]

References NoiseAverageLin.

Referenced by GetSNR_OSA().

double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetNoiseSpectralDensityOSA ( int  ChannelArrayIndex  )  [inline]
int OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetNumChanns ( void   )  [inline]

References NumChannels.

double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetOSAOutputLinear ( int  ExptNum,
double  RelFreq 
double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetPeakPowerdBm ( int  ChannelArrayIndex,
int  ExptNum 
double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetResolutionBandwidthHz ( void   )  [inline]

References ResolutionBandwidthHz.

double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetSignalOSA ( int  ChannelArrayIndex  )  [inline]

References NoiseAverageLin, and SignalPeakLin.

Referenced by GetSNR_OSA().

double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetSNR_OSA ( int  ChannelArrayIndex  )  [inline]

References GetNoiseOSA(), and GetSignalOSA().

Referenced by GetSNRdB_OSA().

double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetSNRdB_OSA ( int  ChannelArrayIndex  )  [inline]

References GetSNR_OSA().

double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetSpectralNoiseDensityOSA ( int  ChannelArrayIndex  )  [inline]
double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::GetValleyPowerdBm ( int  ChannelArrayIndex,
int  ExptNum 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::Output ( int  NumExpts  ) 

References OutputOSA(), and OutputSNR_OSA().

void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OutputOSA ( int  ExptNum  ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OutputOSA ( int  ExptNum,
string  Str 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OutputPowerMeter ( void   ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OutputSignalNoiseAverages ( int  NumExpts  ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OutputSNR_OSA ( int  NumExpts,
string  Str 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::OutputSNR_OSA ( int  NumExpts  ) 
double OptSpectrumAnalyzer::PowerMeterComputeAverageSignalPowerLin ( void   ) 

References NumChannels, and SignalPeakLin.

Referenced by AmpPowerMeterInputLinear().

void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::RunPowerMeter ( double  PropagatedLength2  ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::SetJob ( string  Job2  )  [inline]

References Job.

Referenced by OptDataWriter::OptDataWriter().

void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::SetModeOSA ( int  ModeOSA2  )  [inline]

References ModeOSA.

Referenced by OptAmplifier::OptAmplifier().

void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::SetPowerMeterFlag ( int  PowerMeterFlag2  )  [inline]

References PowerMeterFlag.

Referenced by OptAmplifier::OptAmplifier().

void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::SetResolutionBandwidthHz ( double  ResolutionBandwidthHz2  )  [inline]
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::SetSuperGaussExponent ( double  SuperGaussExponent2  )  [inline]
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::SetTypeAmplifierNoise ( int  TypeAmplifierNoise2  )  [inline]
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::SwitchOptSignalData ( OptSignal oOptSignal2  ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::Update ( double  PropagatedLength2  ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::UpdateOSA ( double  PropagatedLength2  ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::UpdateOSA_OLD ( double  PropagatedLength2  ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::UpdateSNR_OSA ( double  PropagatedLength2  ) 
void OptSpectrumAnalyzer::WriteFileOutputOSA ( string  OutFileName,
int  ExptNum 

Member Data Documentation

string OptSpectrumAnalyzer::Job [private]

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