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Class of 2009

Recipients of Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering

Our B.S. graduates have accepted offers from companies such as MedImmune, Exxon, ECBC in Aberdeen, Lockheed Martin, and graduate schools such as Northwestern University, Cornell University, University of Delaware and UMBC.


From left to right:
Back: J. Ross, Tim, Ryan, Eric, Larry, Bob, Rob, Bobby.
Middle: Jessica, J. Leach, Amanda, Ashrith, T. Bayles, Mike, Nizeet, Olu, Aileen, T. Good.
Front: Fellipe, Joel, M. Castellanos.

Nizeet Aguilar ^
Fellipe F. Balieiro *
Eric C. Borman
Timothy D. Courtney **
Jessica E. Dewitt
Mike German ** ^
Joel M. Gwinn
Lawrence P. Hetzel *
Thomas C. Hsu (Minor: Mathematics and Statistics) ^
Amanda K. Karp * ^
Ryan Kostick *
Rob C. Low
Ashrith Mathias ^
Oluwaseun D. Olayiwola (Minor: Biological Sciences) ^
Adebimpe D. Oyede
Robert P. Reeves **
Aileen P. Richards*
Lauren A. Smalls-Mantey ^

* Cum Laude
** Manga Cum Laude
^ Biotechnology/Bioengineering Track

Recipients of a Master of Science degree in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

From left to right: James Pallikal, Mariajosé Castellanos, Joe Piekarski, Nichole Au

The following M.S. graduates completed Master level course work and also worked with Faculty Mentors in their laboratories and have accepted offers of employment at ECBC.

Nichole Au
The INSPIRES Curriculum
Advisors: Taryn Bayles & Julie Ross

Yadira Castillo
Investigations of new chromatographic methods and materials
Advisor: Doug Frey

The following M.S. graduates completed a thesis describing original research endeavors and have accepted offers of employment at MedImmune or are continuing doctoral degrees in Chemical Engineering at UMBC.

Hui Guo (December 2008)
Thesis: Dispersion phenomena in micropellicular HPLC columns
Advisor: Doug Frey

James Pallikal (December 2008)
Thesis: Investigation of MUC1 in Alzheimer's applications
Advisor: Theresa Good

Joseph Piekarski
Thesis: Construction of a dual infection mechanism for HIV
Advisor: Mariajosé Castellanos

Recipients of a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering


Left: Yonghyun (John) Kim and Mark Marten
Right: Julie Ross, Patrick Ymele-Leki, Irina Ramos, Theresa Good

The following Ph.D. graduates completed a doctoral thesis describing significant research contributions to their field and and have accepted offers of employment at MedImmune and postdoctoral fellowships at the Korean Samsung Cancer Center and Harvard Children Hospital.

Yonghyun (John) Kim (December 2008)
Thesis Proteomic identification of novel regulators and effectors of osmoadaptation and autophagy of model filamentous fungi Aspergillus nidulans
Advisor: Mark Marten

Irina Ramos
Thesis: Role of β-Amyloid structure and residue accessibility in cell interactions associated with Alzheimer’s disease
Advisor: Theresa Good

Patrick Ymele-Leki
Thesis: Quantitative analysis of the accumulation, architectural organization, detachment and reseeding of Staphylococcus aureus biofilms under physiological fluid shear conditions
Advisor: Julie Ross