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Welcome to our new Department!

We are happy to announce that the former departments of "Chemical and Biochemical Engineering" and "Civil and Environmental Engineering" have joined forces to create new and exciting educational opportunities for our students. We are now the...

Department of Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering

The merger has created a significantly larger department with expanded research breadth. A few details about ongoing changes are included below. Please be patient while we work to merge our two websites into one and check back often to track the many new things that are happening!

What’s new as a result of the merger?

  • We’ve hired two new faculty members as part of the merger. Dr. Lee Blaney is a new Assistant Professor and is building a research program focused on advanced treatment processes aimed at removing pharmaceuticals from water and wastewater matrices. Dr. Josh Enszer has joined us as a new Lecturer, conducting courses involving experimental and computational tools, mathematical modeling, and working with new learning technologies.

  • We are currently searching for another new Assistant Professor.

  • We are expanding the opportunities for our undergraduates by adding a new track in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability. The track leads to the B.S. degree in chemical engineering and is available to current freshmen and sophomores at UMBC as well as incoming students. Help us spread the word!

What’s still the same?
  • We continue to offer all of the degree programs from each of the departments including the B.S. in Chemical Engineering, the M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and the M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering that is focused exclusively in environmental engineering and water resources.

  • The people! All faculty and staff from the two departments are still here.

  • We continue to be a research focused department that is student-centered. Faculty and student success are still our highest priorities and we strive to provide a close-knit and inclusive environment for all.