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April 2010

Erica Reaves (M12) Promoted to Research Analyst at the Hilltop Institute

Posted on April 15, 2010 9:17 AM |Permalink

Erica Reaves (M12), '04, biological science, was recently promoted to the position of research analyst in the long-term support and services unit at The Hillotp Institute.

In this role, Erica will conduct research and policy analysis related to long-term supports and services for older adults, adults with diabetes and other vulnerable populations. Additionally, Erica plans to work with legislators in Maryland and other states to refrom the long-term care system through program development, implementation, and evaluation.

Brandon Johnson (M16) awarded the 2010 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Posted on April 15, 2010 9:27 AM |Permalink

Brandon Johnson (M16), '08, mechanical engineering, was recently awarded the 2010 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Brandon's proposal was entitled "Monte Carlo-based Adjoint Methods for Hypersonic Vehicles” and was concerned with developing computational methods for use in uncertainty quantification and multi-disciplinary design optimization (MDO) for a reusable launch vehicle (RLV). Brandon's research will focus on hypersonic aircraft design.

Brandon is currently enrolled in a M.S. program at Stanford University and plans to take his Ph.D. qualifying exam in Fall 2010.

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