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Livewire 3: Then And Now - October 24-28, 2012

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Wednesday - Sunday, October 24 - 28, 2012

Livewire 3: Then and Now

Imagine. Ignite passion. Get angry. Enter the mind of the composer. Join us in our second annual Livewire Festival, bringing together diverse composers and performers from the Baltimore-Washington area in programs designed to provoke discussion and engagement. In the words of one of our dedicated audience members, "Why should I listen to Mozart again when I can hear Tom Goldstein play flower pots?"

Presented by the UMBC Department of Music with support from InterArts.

Contact Tom Goldstein for more information.
Contact Tom Moore for Press information.

(443) 577-2100
to receive the $119 conference rate.


Wednesday, October 24

1 pm (Forum) - Open rehearsal with guest composer Elliott Schwartz and UMBC Faculty contemporary ensemble Ruckus

8 pm - Concert by percussionist/composer Tom Goldstein,
featuring Wendy Salkind, Michelle Purdy, Will Redman, Rob Wolk (FA508)


*Right Left Left Right (2000) Rachel Goldstein

He's Lost His Marbles Tom Goldstein

Quo (2001) Tom Goldstein

Read Your Assoff (1990) Tom Pierson

Genderang Senja (Evening Drums) (1990) Ben Pasaribu

Miss Fur and Miss Skeene (2010) Gertrude Stein/Linda Dusman

Evergreen (2005) Tom Goldstein

*World premiere

Thursday, October 25

7 pm - pre-concert talk; John Cage, then and Now. Panel discussion with David Revill, Elliott Schwartz and Tom Moore (FA215)

8 pm - Concert by RUCKUS, the faculty contemporary ensemble at UMBC featuring Lisa Cella, flute; Tom Goldstein, percussion; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Airi Yoshioka, violin; Gita Ladd, cello; Audrey Andrist, piano, Lura Johnson, piano, Jacqueline Pollauf, harp (Recital Hall).


An Insular Style (1980) Jo Kondo

Five (1988) John Cage

Voice of The Whale (1971) George Crumb

Elan (1991) Elliott Schwartz

Ice Age (1954) Henry Brant


Works of Fluxus

Friday, October 26

7:00 pm - pre-concert talk with composers Alexis Bacon, Farangis Nurulla-Khoja, Kate Soper and David Revill (moderator) (FA215).

10:30 am - Disklavier concert, (Recital Hall Lobby)

11:00 am - Concert of Electronic Music (FA508)


Emannuel Ghent Phosphones (1970-71) computer-generated music, lighting and dance choreographed by Mimi Garrard

Laurie Spiegel East River Dawn (1976) computer-generated music

Pauline Oliveros Bye Bye Butterfly (1965) analog electronic devices

Elianne Lillios Arturo computer-generated music

Judy Klein railcar (2008) computer-generated music

12 noon - UMBC Student concert, (Recital Hall Lobby)

3:00 pm - Chamber Music Concert (Recital Hall)


Two and One Daniel Adams

Audrey Andrist, piano; Lisa Cella, flute; Gita Ladd, cello

*Solo et + (2009) Farangis Nurulla-Khoja

(for violin and electronics) Airi Yoshioka, violin

Souvenir (1974) Elliott Schwartz (1936)

E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Kazuko Tanosaki, piano

Four Maine Haiku (1984) Elliott Schwartz (1936)

Kazuko Tanosaki, piano

Snare Drum for Camus (1982) Joseph Celli (1944)

Umbilicus (Tom Goldstein, Michelle Purdy, Will Redman, Rob Wolk), snare drum

*World premiere

7:00 pm - pre-concert talk with composers Alexis Bacon, Kate Soper and David Revill (moderator) (FA215)

8:00 pm - Concert by Due East: Erin Lesser, flute; Greg Beyer, percussion (Recital Hall)


Among Fireflies (2010) Elainie Lillios

Yodeling Song (2012) Alexis Bacon

Cowboy Song (2008) Alexis Bacon

Capoeirista (2011) Chester Udell

Incantations (2010) Michel Galante

Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say (2010/11) Kate Soper/text by Lydia Davis

I. Go Away
II. Head, Heart
III. Getting to Know Your Body

Purl (2006) Kate Soper

Ligare (2006) Alexandre Lunsqui

Saturday, October 27

9:00 am-12 noon - Young student composers workshop (FA508)

1:30 pm - Due East workshop with Gregory Beyer and Erin Lesser (FA508)

3:30 pm - Disklavier concert, (Recital Hall Lobby)

4:00 pm - Concert "Neil Feather and Eric Franklin are Elephantitans" (Recital Hall)

Former Guitar duet

Wiggler Solo

Vibrowheel duet

8pm - Concert by Stephen Drury, piano. "American Musical Genius" (Recital Hall)

Hay Una Mujer Desaparecida Christian Wolff

Etudes Australes, Book III John Cage

Carny John Zorn

Piano Sonata No. 2, "Concord, Mass. 1840-1860 Charles Ives

Sunday, October 28

12:30pm - Pre-concert talk (FA215)

1:30 pm - Ensemble Pi: Annual Concert of the International Alliance for Women in Music

Inner Space (cello and electronics) Kyong Mee Choi

Oh, Death, Rock me Asleep (violin and voice) Jerry Casey

Illuminated Shadows of Louise Levelson (cl, vl, and piano) Molly Joyce

Generation (piano and electronics) Maureen Reyes Lavastida

Tracing (trombone and electronics) Frances White

Inori-Prayer (piano and cello) Kanako Okamoto

Butterfly Mirrors (voice, piano, and cello) Mara Helmuth

Three Stones (clarinet and electronics) Heather Stebbins

Ticket Prices: $25.00 for festival pass.

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