Elsa Furtado

EFL Teacher and Trainer

Calheta Sao Miguel - Santiago Islands

Cape Verde Islands

Dear all,

During our lives we get many opportunities and many people; the impact of them on us depends on our priorities and how much value we put forth on whatever we get.

I was very lucky to meet you all and be exposed to so many learning experiences. In fact, I have a huge learning world to explore and expand my knowledge. I hope to discover also how to make a balanced use of it, to help me on my personal growth and my students and colleagues as well.

The quality of the program and its accomplishment, the professionalism of the organizers and the variety of the activities were impressive. It was for me, a great example of solidarity and sharing.

The best way to show my gratitude is by teaching English more efficiently; by sharing resources and knowledge; by disseminating the ideals of USA Government, which is the use of the English language as a channel for Peace and Love in the world.

To express my feelings, I would like to say again how greatly I was touched by the Ambassador Earle's statement, who said that the "English Language is not just a linguistic issue, rather a state of mind, a life commitment". I will take it very seriously; I know it is not possible to do anything by myself; I know that my limited capacity will not allow me to go too far. Yet I know I have your support which will give me strengthen to reach my goals.

I hope this program continues for many years and touches the lives of those who really need and care about the teaching of the English language in the world; those who fight for peace and dignity; those who defend human rights and believe that the world will be as one, one day.

My deep appreciation to you all, my dearest Volunteers and Assistants; to all the Presenters and Instructors; to the Program Manager and Coordinator; to the Program Officers and Technical Coordinators; and to each one of you in person. And also those anonymous who contributed with their expertise and availability for the success of the program! May God Bless you!!!

Calheta, August 17, 2011
Elsa de Jesus Furtado


PS: I am trying to adjust to the initial cultural shock at home (power cut and water shortage!). I miss UMBC Campus already, but am happy to be back!!!

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