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Social Media Intern Needed for Healthy Lifestyle Initiative

Two Interns Needed for Vibrant Living (

This is a PAID internship, 120 hours over the course of the semester about 10 hours per week ($1,000 stipend paid out in two $500 payments). The internship is funded by the The Shattuck Family Internship Program for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Social Change.

The Main Focus of this internship is on SOCIAL MEDIA.

Sample of additional duties include:
- Help pull together a marketing toolkit, based on ideas from Molly Shattuck, work that has already been done, and additional examples based on other similar kinds of initiatives
- Work to qualify and quantify the value/benefits that the program brings to individuals and groups
- Identify target companies/organizations that might represent prospective clients/customers for Vibrant Living
- Participate--as appropriate--in client-visits to understand feedback and have that inform further development of the tool-kit and materials.

The individuals could be from a range of majors, but should have outstanding communication skills and be interested/experienced with social media; be a self-starter/entrepreneurial type; be interested in health/wellness.

Please e-mail your resume (required) and cover letter (ideal) to Christine Routzahn, Director of Internships, at ASAP.