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Moving PC lab from Library Basement to 7th Floor during Spring Break

To improve access to and use of computing resources in the Library, we will be relocating the PC lab in the basement to the 7th floor during Spring Break. The following is the schedule:

March 5 - Some furniture from 4th-6th floors will be swapped with the those on the 7th floor.
March 17-21 (Spring Break) - Basement will be closed for relocation of PCs and furniture.

This will keep Exam Week (March 10-14) free of any noise and activities related to the move. Please contact lcshelp@lists.umbc.edu if you have any questions.

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how will 7th floor lectures impact the ability of students to study in the computer lab?

April Walters:

Will this also move the writing center?


I don't think that moving the bulk of the library's quiet computing space to the 7th floor is smart. I think the computer lab works where it's at because it's close (I personally would much rather walk down a flight of stairs than climb seven) and it's guaranteed to be quieter than the rest of the building. People enter the library, can't find a computer on the first floor, and retreat below.

Sure, the PC lab has its issues, with heating/cooling and general air circulation, but I would think fixing some vents here and there would be far less stressful than this major move.

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