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LibX Toolbar: UMBC Edition

LibX Toolbar: UMBC Edition is a browser extension (also known as a plug-in or add-on) that provides direct access to the Library's resources from any page on the web. In addition to searching the library catalog, LibX allows you to access library subscriptions by right-clicking on any web page and reloading that page via Research Port. LibX also embeds visual cues - the Find It button FindIt button or the UMBC icon UMBC icon - in web pages such as Wikipedia, Google search results, and Amazon.com to help you locate resources which are available at UMBC.

LibX toolbar

LibX was originally developed for Firefox, but a beta version is now available for Internet Explorer. The LibX Toolbar is available at http://aok.lib.umbc.edu/reference/libx.php.

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After testing it, I have to say that it is indeed very nice. I'd use it but my browser is already so full of toolbars that I hardly can see what's written on a webpage.

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