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Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR)

Grant will evaluate innovative Maryland program to help mentally ill find work

MIPAR has received a three year, $1 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to evaluate Maryland's innovative program to help people with severe mental illness find meaningful work. The Maryland Mental Health Administration (MHA) started a program in 2002 to increase the accessibility and availability of evidence-based individual placement and support for supported employment services (EBP IPS-SE) for people with severe mental illness. EBP IPS-SE programs emphasize competitive employment, client choice, on the job training and continuous support. IPS-SE programs also include employer incentives to participate. This project will study the experience of Maryland's public health system in facilitating the diffusion of IPS-SE services in the state. David Salkever (Public Policy) is the co-investigator. Researchers from UMBC's Hilltop Institute will also participate in the project along with researchers from University of Maryland, Baltimore.