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A new look for OUE

Welcome to the new web look for the Office of Undergraduate Education. The new site retains all former URLs, so all links to OUE should still work. We are moving to a more visual site with fewer words. Please let us know what you think and what else you would like to be able to find on the site. Our thanks to the New Media Studio for the design and migration of the site.

Welcome new UMBC residents

If you are seeing this, you have likely moved in and successfully connected your computer. Welcome to UMBC. The Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) offers many programs and resources to assist you in making a strong academic start at UMBC. Look through the links under First-Year Programs for information and assistance as you settle in.

New Transfer Computer Science Students

Ready to advance your career? CMSC 291 helps you update your professional resume and refine your career plans. Meet in person with senior computer science faculty who can help you to find your niche in the field. Get to know how things work at UMBC and how to be most successful in your education here. This one-credit course is open to incoming CMSC and CMPE transfer students enrolled in any 200-level or higher CMSC course. Add CMSC 291to your fall course schedule during your UMBC orientation session.

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