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September 2010: “Savor the harvest in your relationship.”

It is harvest time and the time of year when the bounty is fullest in nature. And, it’s a good reminder for us to consider what harvest or fullness is already present in our relationships. Often we don’t have a conversation with each other about the things we know we can rely on each other for and the gifts each other brings to the relationship. Instead, we focus our energy on the areas for improvement and miss a vital opportunity for strengthening our relationship. How might our relationships be improved if we build in regular conversations to savor the harvest that’s already present?

This month, become aware of the gifts of your relationship. What do each of you bring to the relationship? How do the gifts given make a difference to the relationship and to those the relationship serves? Consider having a conversation where you share these things with each other and observe how focusing on the gifts of the relationship shifts the partnership. What do you notice as a result?