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January 2013: “Acknowledge gifts given, gifts received, and next steps in co-creating your partnership”

Happy New Year! At the end of the year, it’s a perfect time to stop, pause and reflect on the state of our relationships. There are likely many implicit and explicit things we did in the past year to ‘tend’ to our relationship and we have likely also taken risks in practicing new stretch behaviors. Our partner has also likely been tending to and practicing new behavior for our sake. How has the relationship shown up differently as a result of this important work? By sharing these acknowledgments and insights with each other we enjoy a deeper level connection and have an opportunity to celebrate our collective work. We also have a chance to look into the future and design a strategy for improving our partnership in the coming year.

Plan to have a conversation with your partner in the coming month to share your insights and appreciations from 2012 and have a conversation about what you’d like to create in 2013. See the attached document of questions to help guide this conversation. Notice any shifts that occur in the relationship as a result of this conversation.

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