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Club Maebelline’s was born out of a need to relieve pressure. We come together and dance to our favorite songs, usually from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. (Dancing ability is truly in the eye of the beholder! This is what really makes it fun.) There are few inhibitions! As the sound of people saying, ‘Oh, yeah,’ ‘Ahhh’ and ‘Awright, Go Head’ drifts through the office more people gather. Some dance, some laugh, some run away (not wanting to show their moves just yet), some just watch and others pull out cell phone video cameras. It lasts for about 5 minutes. Then we disperse back to our desks feeling happy for having had that moment, relaxed, and energized. It’s a stress-reliever and team builder in one, and it’s great!

Mae Golden
Supervisor, Bursar's Office/Student Billing